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Classic Car Care Tips and Tricks

Keep your classic car looking and running like new with these handy care tips!

Owners of classic cars know that their autos come with greater responsibility. These vehicles require a higher level of TLC to keep them looking and running like new. That means following a routine schedule for maintenance both inside and outside of the car and keeping an eye on the diagnostics of parts that can suffer through average wear and tear. Vintage and classic automobiles are a lot of work, but if you commit to putting in the time and effort necessary, your dream car can continue to be a source of pride. Just follow these tips and tricks to care for your classic automobile.

Change the Oil

Sure, we all know that this is Car Ownership 101. While you may be used to checking the levels and changing out the oil every 3000 miles or so, older classic and vintage models require a more committed routine. The reason for this is because you don't drive the car very often. When a car sits in the garage for extended periods of time you have to focus less on the number of miles the car has been driven and more on the number of days that oil has been in the engine. Oil can break down over time losing its lubricity and that can lead to serious damage. So, a good rule of thumb is to change out your oil every six months, regardless of how far the car has been driven.

Wash by Hand

You wouldn't dare take your classic car through any kind of automated car wash. Every car enthusiast knows that the best way to preserve the exterior of the vehicle is to wash it by hand. Most car owners prefer to do it themselves, but you can also hire a luxury detailer to get the job done. Just make sure that you're very careful about the type of materials being used to do the work. Avoid abrasive materials in the type of cleaners you apply and the towels or mitts that are used to wash the surfaces.

A Proper Shine

Waxing the exterior is just as important as washing it. That's why you should wax the car every six months at a minimum. Be sure you apply your wax away from direct sunlight so it doesn't dry too quickly; that will make it harder to buff out and you won't get the best results. Make sure the car is dry, as well, and apply the thinnest coat possible. Following these simple directions will ensure your exterior gets a proper shine and maintains the luster of the paint.

Check the Brakes

Brake pads wear out over time and when the car isn't driven very often it can be tough to keep track of when you need to replace them. So give them a pump every so often to make sure they're not worn down to the metal and they dont start squeaking when you pull up to a stop sign. That can cause damage that leads to a need for repair.

Store in a Safe Place

Storing your beauty in a temperature-regulated, enclosed space will prevent damage from the elements and pests alike. A car cover is also recommended, even when storing the vehicle inside. A car cover prevents dust and other debris from building up. Car covers come in several different materials, do a little research on what will best suit your needs before purchasing.

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