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Frequently Asked Questions for Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans. Click on any Ford ESP warranty question to see the corresponding answer.

Purchase Questions

A: Yes, as a franchised Ford dealer, we are authorized to offer Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans, factory-backed extended warranties. Please look at our document Library Plan Provisions to confirm the plans we offer are authentic Ford and Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans.
A: Yes, Zeigler FactoryPlans can provide a policy for almost any vehicle as long as it's within the original factory warranty, regardless of where you purchased it. You may also purchase a Ford or Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan if your vehicle is outside the original factory warranty, but a Used Vehicle Inspection is required to make the purchase.
A: Since we sell to a national market, instead of just to our local market, we are able to offer volume pricing to our customers. Unlike our dealerships and competitive dealers, our separate department also has no vehicle inventory overhead. Test
A: Yes, it doesn't matter how many owners there have been, as long as the vehicle qualifies by age and mileage.
A: Changes to coverage of New Ford|Lincoln Protect Plans must be made before 3 years/36,000 miles, whichever comes first, and the new plan cost must be paid in full if the original purchase was fully paid. If the service warranty plan was financed, a Dealer Request for Action, which can take up to 14 business days, must be completed, and a minimum of 10 percent down on the new contract total is required.

Note: The vehicle’s current mileage is required for accurate upgrading or downgrading pricing at the time of sale.
A: Any changes to a Used Ford Protect ESP or Lincoln Protect ESP Plan must be made within 30 days of the contract signature date with full payment if the original contract was paid in full. Plans that were financed require a minimum of 10 percent down payment and a completed Dealer Request for Action that can take up to 14 business days to complete.

Note: The vehicle’s current mileage is required for accurate upgrading or downgrading pricing at the time of sale.
A: Zeigler Ford has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you wish, you can go to https://www.bbb.org and enter Zeigler in the Find box and Plainwell, MI in the Near box.
A: Due to California law, we cannot offer an Extended Warranty Plan for California-registered vehicles. However, you can still purchase an Extended Warranty Plan through one of your local dealers.
A: Our quotes are good for 30 days. Quotes will be deleted early after a price increase from Ford. In this circumstance, we will send out notifications of price increases before the quote is deleted.

General Questions

A: Your Factory Vehicle Warranty is a comprehensive product coverage provided to you by the manufacturer that protects you against product defects for a specified time or mileage. Your Ford Protect or Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan Contract is additional protection you can purchase to provide specific component coverage that goes beyond the manufacturer's Standard Warranty period. Extend warranties provide additional protection for a longer specific time and mileage duration you select.

A Ford|Lincoln ESP Warranty is not the same as the factory Standard Warranty. For example, an ESP does not cover such things as maintenance, trim items, wear parts, exhausts and glass. For complete details, please review the Application in the Plan Documents list of our Document Library menu.

Terms such as Ford Extended Warranty or Lincoln Extended Warranty are used interchangeably with the term Service Contract within this site.
A: Your responsibility is to properly operate, care for and maintain your vehicle. All information regarding these subjects can be found in the Owner's Manual supplied by the Manufacturer. You should retain all receipts regarding care and maintenance of your vehicle to avoid any misunderstanding as to whether the maintenance services were performed as specified by the manufacturer in your owner's manual.
A: Ford does not charge extra for Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with Turbo/Eco Boost.
A: In 1903, Henry Ford founded the world-renowned automobile company that bears his name. He wasn't content with simply adapting existing technologies -- instead, he worked hard to produce innovative new vehicles and launch an era of motoring excellence. Today, nearly 120 years later, "Ford" is a household word synonymous with reliable transportation for generations worldwide!"

Personal Use Coverage Questions

A: No, a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan does not affect the original warranty. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan complements it.
A: As with any other product, service contracts are subject to inflationary price increases. By purchasing a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan now, you can lock in at today's cost. Plus, you may be entitled to limits of the basic factory Ford warranty, plus extended warranty benefits such as car rental, lodging and meal reimbursement for warranty repairs required when you're more than 100 miles from home. Your plan can even include emergency roadside service for a jump-start, gasoline delivery and tire change.
A: New Vehicle Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan coverage and Certified Pre-Owned Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP Vehicle Plan coverage start at the ORIGINAL IN-SERVICE DATE OF THE VEHICLE (the date the vehicle was delivered to its original owner) and AT ZERO MILES, not upon expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Traditional coverage of Used or non-certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Ford Protect ESP Plans begin on the CONTRACT DATE and CURRNT MILEAGE when you purchase the plan. Ford vehicles over 41 Months/41,000 Miles and Lincoln vehicles over 53 Months/55,000 Miles require a Ford|Lincoln ESP Service Contract to be in place on the vehicle or a completed vehicle inspection with any required repairs performed by an authorized Ford or Lincoln dealer/service center prior to purchasing a Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP Plan.

Please visit our Document Library to download a Used Vehicle Inspection Form that can be emailed to us upon completion.
A: A Ford CSP is an extended warranty offered through a direct mail service contract program offering coverage to owners of older Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The Ford Continued Service Plan program is a venture between Ford, Affinity Brokerage, LLC and QBE Americas, Inc.

Ford CSPs were created to assist Ford dealer repair facilities and to help owners of older Ford and Lincoln models protect themselves against future unexpected repair costs via a month-by-month payment scheme. Direct mailers are sent by these third parties to current Ford ESP policyholders who are nearing the end of their coverage period. Ford or Lincoln franchised dealers cannot sell Ford CSPs. For more information about CSPs see the Warranty Article "Ford CSP for Older Ford and Lincoln Models."
A: PowertrainCare ESP warranty is a specific warranty from Ford and Lincoln for repairing or replacing powertrain components if a problem arises with components of the engine, transmission, transfer case, front- and rear-wheel drive axles, and driveshaft.

Questions About Certified Pre Owned Vehicles

A: A pre-owned certified vehicle is a used vehicle that is inspected and certified by a factory-backed Ford or Lincoln dealer, which you can only buy from a Ford or Lincoln dealership.

Commercial, Incomplete/Medium Duty Coverage

A: In accordance with Ford Protect ESP contracts, using a vehicle for business, such as selling, delivery, service and repair, government purposes, municipal work, farming, construction, for hire such as Uber and Lyft are considered commercial use, and therefore, require commercial extended service plans to warranty individual and multiple employee-driven vehicles. Any vehicle registered to a business also must apply for commercial Ford ESP coverage.
A: Incomplete vehicles are manufactured by Ford and competitors to support additional modification. In many instances, these vehicles are known as cutaways, chassis cabs, stake trucks, cherry pickers and dump trucks, to name a few. On Ford products, these vehicles will have a VIN that starts with one of the following designations: 1FB, 1FC, 1FD, 1F6, 2L1, 2LJ, 3FR and 5LD. These vehicles ARE ONLY ELIGIBLE for the Ford Protect Incomplete vehicle plans.

Ford classifies F-650 and F-750 trucks as Medium Duty. Medium Duty Ford Protect plans provide critical mechanical coverage for 2016 to current models year F650 and F-750 with specific time and mileage/hours options to meet the needs of medium duty vehicle owners.
A: Ford Protect and Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans (ESP) are available for almost all regular vehicles used for commercial or business purposes. Ford and Lincoln vehicles are generally eligible for commercial coverage with the current added surcharge of $250 including cars, SUVs, pickups, and vans.

Ford|Lincoln Protect PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare and PowertrainCare coverages for regular vehicles used for commercial or business purposes with an automatic surcharge included in the purchase price are described in other sections of the PLANS menu on this site.

Ford also provides commercial Protect Extended Service Plans for Incomplete trucks and vans (chassis cabs and cutaways), and Medium Duty trucks (pro loaders, straight frames and tractors). You can review the coverage of these plans by reading the answer to the next question and clicking on the brochure icons PLANS menu.
A: All four ESP plans, PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare and PowertrainCare are offered for Incomplete new and used vehicles. Plans for vehicles with more than 36,000 miles must be purchased anytime within 5 years and 100,000 miles and 4,000 hours of the warranty start date.

PremiumCare, BaseCare, and PowertrainCare are available for Medium Duty Gas models, while only PremiumCare and BaseCare are offered for Diesel Medium Duty trucks. Medium Duty Ford Protect coverage terms are available from 3 years/36,000 miles/1,440 engine hours to 8 years/250,000 miles/10,000 engine hours.

Both Incomplete and Medium Duty ESPs feature roadside assistance, towing reimbursement of up to $200, emergency travel expense reimbursement of up to $1,000 for up to 5 days, and destination assistance of up to $75 for emergency transportation to the immediate destination. Deductibles of $0, $100, and $200 are options under both types of plans. Key Services are NOT available for either plan, but both Incomplete and Medium Duty plans are cancellable and transferrable.

Both Incomplete and Medium Duty plans expire at the earlier of the number of months, miles, or hours purchased. Read the Ford Protect Commercial, Incomplete, Medium Duty Plans listing under the PLANS menu for more information.
A: Incomplete plans must be purchased within 5 years/100,000 miles/4,000 hour of the Basic Warranty Start Date. Eligible Incomplete models include Transit, F-250 through F-600, E-250 through E-450.

Medium Duty Ford Protect ESP Plans must be purchased with 5 months/5,000 miles (41 months/41,000 miles) of the expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Medium Duty F-650s and F-750s also must be 2016 or newer model year to purchase a Medium Duty plan.
A: Yes, Ford offers Premium Maintenance Plans for Incomplete and Medium Duty vehicles, including eligible Transit, F-250 through F-600, E-250 through E-450, F-650 and F-750 vehicles. These maintenance plans must be purchased within 5 months/5,000 miles from the expiration date of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Also, under these plans, Transit diesel engines require full synthetic oil.

Police vehicles and Ford E-Series with Body Codes E1B, E1E, E2E, E3B, E3E, S1E, S2E, S3B, and S3E are NOT eligible for Premium Maintenance Plans.

Please read the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plans section under the Plans menu for more information.

Service and Repair Questions

A: Ford Protect Extended Service warranty plans are honored at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships within the United States, Canada and Mexico. You should always contact the nearest dealer for a
Ford or Lincoln Protect ESP warranty repairs or call Fard at 800.321.7790 for the location of the nearest dealer.
A: When you need service, contact the best Ford or Lincoln dealership closest to your location. It is your responsibility to either contact Ford or ensure that the respective dealer representative contacts Ford to obtain authorization for plan-covered repairs prior to any repairs being started. You may contact Ford at 800.321.7790 or check your Ford owner's manual.
A: Yes, you only pay the plan deductible for covered repairs performed during each covered service repair visit at a factory-back Ford or Lincoln dealer. There is, however, no deductible for key services. The customer’s deductible applies only to non-key repairs, including interior/exterior lighting coverage.

Claim reimbursement is only necessary if you get approval to take your vehicle to a non-Ford service center and you pay the bill. Ford will reimburse you provided the non-Ford repair shop has pre-approval of the repair. Depending on the local laws where you use your Ford Protect Extended Service Plan, you may be required to pay state or local taxes in addition to the deductible amount.

Roadside Assistance & Rental Coverage

A: You can learn more about Roadside Assistance from Ford Roadside by calling 800.241.3673 or from Lincoln Roadside by calling 800.521.4140. You may also call the Ford Customer Hotline at 800.392.3673.

For more information about Roadside Assistance, see the article "How to Get Roadside Assistance for Mechanical Disablement" under the Warranty Article menu on our site.
A: If the service contract you purchased covers Roadside Assistance, all services provided by this coverage must be arranged at the time of occurrence through Ford Roadside Assistance by calling 800.241.3673. For Lincoln Roadside Assistance call 800.521.4140. Your request for reimbursement must include the following:

- A letter with the service date, VIN, mileage, and phone number.
- A valid original receipt of payment from the tow/repair facility for the services rendered (Claims which contain other than original receipts may be denied.).
- The Ford Roadside Assistance Authorization Number.
- Your valid Ford Protect or Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan Number.

Request for reimbursement should be mailed to:

Ford Roadside Assistance
Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 9145
Medford, MA 02155


Lincoln Roadside Assistance
AAA Customer Service:
1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, FL 32746

More details are available from the Rental, Towing, and Roadside Assistance Information in our site's Document Library.
A: Rental vehicles must be obtained from an authorized dealer or a licensed rental agency. Rental coverage is subject to state and local laws and policies imposed by the rental agency. When renting a vehicle from a rental agency during a Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP service repair, please note that Ford requires you to rent a Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Ford and Lincoln Protect Plans are not responsible for any refusal of a rental agency to rent a vehicle to you.
A: You or the dealer (on your behalf) can submit for reimbursement by mailing the contract holder’s rental invoice from a dealership or commercial rental agency (no exceptions). Special Note: When renting a vehicle from a rental agency during a Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP service repair, please note that Ford requires you to rent a Ford or Lincoln vehicle. The rental invoice (with the contract holder’s name, the daily rental rate, date out and date returned, and proof of payment on the invoice) and the repair order showing the date the vehicle repair was completed must be mailed to:

Ford Roadside Assistance
Attention: Claims
P.O. Box 9145
Medford, MA 02155


Lincoln Roadside Assistance
AAA Customer Service:
1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, FL 32746

First-Day Rental is optional on all New, Used, and CPO upgrade plans. This benefit provides a rental vehicle for up to $35/day (up to $45/day for Lincoln vehicles), including taxes, on the first day the vehicle is dropped off for any Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan covered repair.

Even when a customer has opted out of First-Day Rental coverage, normal rental benefits are available if a vehicle must be kept overnight to complete a covered repair, if a vehicle is determined to be inoperable at the time it is left for service, or if further driving would damage the vehicle or render it inoperable.

For more details, please refer to the Rental, Towing and Roadside Assistance Information in our site’s Document Library.
A: No, Ford and Lincoln normally expect the owner to wait or arrange for transportation until the recall service is completed. However, if a recall is done at the same time as an ESP-covered service, a rental car option certainly is permissible in accordance with your contract. In some cases, Ford or Lincoln dealers may sometimes provide vehicles if they have them available.

Payment Questions

A: Unfortunately, Ford does not give FordPass points for purchasing any Ford Protect Plan since customers generally get FordPass points for dealer vehicle repair services.

However, because ZeiglerFordESP.com is an authorized agent of Ford Protect Extended Service Plans, you can use Ford Pass points when paying for a warranty from ZeiglerFordESP.com. Your purchase from us will appear on your credit card statement with the Product Description or Category of VEHICLE SERVICE WARRANTY.
A: Yes. Flexible payment plans with no credit checks and 0% interest are available when you purchase a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. A minimum 10% down payment is required at time of purchase. After making your down payment with Zeigler Auto Group FactoryPlans, you will receive a monthly statement within 3-4 weeks of the purchase. You may then set up your preferred payment method with Ford's Budco Payment Department at 888.352.7901.
A: When you purchase a Ford or Lincoln Protect ESP, you can arrange payments to Ford’s finance company Budco using VISA, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. You can also arrange automatic bank or credit union payments from your checking or savings accounts with Budco. The option of mailing check payments to Budco is available, too.
A: You can contact the Ford Installment Payment Plan Billing Center at 888.352.7901. Please be sure to have your account number or VIN when calling.

Claim Questions

A: If your vehicle is a Ford, call 800.392.3673 to find the nearest Ford dealer. If your vehicle is a Lincoln, call 800.521.4140 for the nearest Lincoln dealer. For service at a Ford or Lincoln Service Center, the dealer will contact the company for you to determine the repair coverage.

When a Ford or Lincoln dealer is not available, Ford must approve another repair or service shop for service. Either you or the repair facility needs to call 800.321.7790 for prior approval or rejection of ESP repair claims and information on covered parts on Ford and Lincoln vehicles registered under ESPs.
A: Generally, reimbursement requests are processed by 60 days. Suppose you have not received a response regarding your request within 60 days. In that case, you may inquire about your reimbursement request by contacting the following customer assistance centers: Ford Service Contract Repair or Rental Reimbursement Requests assistance centers: Ford Service Contract Repair or Rental Reimbursement Requests at 800.321.7790, or for Ford Roadside Assistance Reimbursement Requests at 800.241.3673.
A: In the event you require ESP service by an approved mechanic shop other than an authorized Ford or Lincoln dealer, your claim must be authorized by Ford prior to the repairs being performed and be submitted to Ford within 90 days of the repair date. You should contact Ford at 800.321.7790 for approval or rejection of the service repair under an EPS contract.

Most of the time reimbursement for the repair except the deductible will be handled directly between the Ford and the repair facility. However, if you need to request reimbursement, call 800.321.7790 about how to provide a copy of the repair order and proof of payment to Ford. You have one year from the repair order open date or payment receipt date to request a refund.

Cancellation and Transfer Questions

A: A: Yes, you can cancel your Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan. If you are the original purchaser and the cancellation is on or before the 30th day from the purchase signature date, and you have no claims against the contract, you can get a full refund of the purchase price. If your cancellation is after the 30th day of the purchase signature date or you have filed a service claim, your refund will be a pro-rata adjustment for time or mileage used, whichever is greater, LESS a Ford processing fee of $75.

To obtain a refund if you purchased your Ford Protect ESP from Zeigler Auto Group FactoryPlans.com, you should click on the CANCELLATION REQUEST button in the right column of this page and provide the required information. This is usually the quickest way to receive it. You may call 269.685.3557 if you need additional assistance.

If you bought your Ford Protect Plan from a Ford dealer, please contact that dealer. If you are unable to contact your dealer, you can mail your cancellation request within 180 days of the vehicle cancellation date along with your Plan Provisions, proof of plan payoff, and current mileage on the vehicle to:

Ford Motor Company
Extended Service Plan Headquarters
Attn: Cancellation Department
P.O. Box 6045
Dearborn, MI 48121

For the full requirements about canceling your Ford Protect Extended Service Plan, see “Your Right to Cancel This Agreement and Receive A Refund” section in the download of Plan Provisions from our Document Library.
A: To request the cancellation of your Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan, please click on the CANCELLATION REQUEST button and complete the required information of customer name, current mailing address, current telephone number, automobile Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), proof of current mileage, cancellation date, and reason for cancellation. Upon handling of your request we will confirm the cancellation via email with the refund amount, if any, and from where you will be receiving the refund check. You may also call 269.685.3557 or email us at info@zeiglerfordesp.com if you need further assistance.
A: Once we have all the required information, we process cancellations within 5 business days.
A: You may transfer the remaining coverage of the Vehicle under the Ford Protect Extended Service Agreement, if you pay a $75 transfer fee and if you or the transferee of this ESP Agreement initiates the transfer process WITHIN 180 DAYS OF THE VEHICLE SALE. To request the transfer, simply send an email to info@zeiglerfordesp.com using the Customer Transfer Waiver form in our Document Library with the following information:
(i) a letter, signed by you, transferring the ESP Agreement to the transferee;
(ii) a statement of the mileage on the vehicle at the time of transfer; and
(iii) the name and address of the transferee.

You may also send the transfer information to:
Ford Motor Company
P.O. Box 6045
Dearborn, Michigan 48121

You may not transfer coverage, however, if the vehicle is repossessed or considered a total loss vehicle. Transferred agreements may not be canceled.

Questions About Florida

A: Residents such as military families, snowbirds and others with residents in other states can register Ford Protect Plans in their other state of residence, provided their vehicle is registered in the other state also.
A: Yes, because Zeigler Auto Group is licensed (Number W300391) to sell Ford warranties in Florida. Florida residents can only purchase Ford Protect Plans at Ford’s Florida retail prices from dealers licensed to sell in the State of Florida. Our licensed is viewable at: www.myfloridacfo.com
A: You certainly can purchase a genuine Ford Protect Plan from us at the best price available because Zeigler Auto Group is licensed to sell extended warranties in Florida..
A: No. You will receive a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan based on the terms and conditions of Florida laws and regulations, and your protection plan will be honored at any Ford or Lincoln dealership in the U.S. and Canada.

Questions About Canada

A: We cannot offer a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan for a vehicle registered in Canada. If you have a vehicle registered in Canada, you can call 800.565.3673 or log on to ford.ca to purchase a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan.
A: Yes, even if you re-locate to Ontario, Canada or any other Canadian province your Ford Protect Extended Service Plan warranty will be honored.
A: Yes, all Ford Protect Extended Service Plans such as PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare, PowertrainCare and Diesel EngineCare are honored at Ford and Lincoln dealerships throughout Canada.