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How to Use Roadside Assistance and Emergency Travel Reimbursement

Vehicle breakdowns are no fun anytime, but when you are a long distance away from home you will have extra concerns. However, if you have a Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service PlanPremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare or PowertrainCare – you will have fewer problems and fewer worries about getting safely back on the road.

Major repairs like transmission, steering and air conditioning problems will not spell disaster to a long-awaited vacation of a long weekend. Your investment in Ford or Lincoln extended warranty coverage will make your vehicle breakdown a much small interruption of your vacation or weekend.

How to Use Roadside Assistance

With a PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare or PowertrainCare Plan, Roadside Assistance covers disablement failures for the following situations when applicable:

  • Towing of up to $100 per incident for all Ford and Lincoln vehicles up to E-, T- or F-250 series (up to $200 per incident for Ford E-, T-, and F-350 or higher) to the nearest dealer or repair facility when the vehicle is inoperative
  • Lockout assistance
  • Flat tire changes
  • Battery jump starts (Electric vehicle main power cell batteries not included in this coverage)
  • Out-of-fuel delivery (maximum cost of 2 gallons of gas or 5 gallons of diesel fuel with a limit of 3 “no charge” calls during 12 months)
  • Winch out within 100 feet of paved and maintained country roads

For Roadside Assistance under your Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement, you need to provide: (1) Your name, address and VIN; (2) the exact location of the vehicle; and (3) the nature of your emergency. To obtain Roadside Assistance in emergency situations, call Ford Roadside at 800.241.3673 or Lincoln Roadside at 800.521.4140 for prior authorization and assistance to the nearest dealer.

Benefits of Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement

To use the Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement in your Ford|Lincoln Protect contract, your vehicle must be disabled 100 miles or more from home. Under the Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement, Ford or Lincoln will provide up to $1,000 to cover expenses incurred within 5 days following the disablement of your vehicle.

What Is Destination Assistance?

If your vehicle is disabled because of a collision or a failure covered by your PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare or PowertrainCare Plan, Destination Assistance can help cover transportation cost to your arrival point. Destination Assistance will reimburse you up to $75 for transportation expenses to your destination.

How to Receive Emergency Reimbursements

To obtain reimbursement of Emergency Travel Expense and Destination Assistance costs, you must send Ford or Lincoln Roadside the following documents within 20 days of your vehicle’s disablement:

  • A statement of your loss
  • The original receipts for your expenses
  • A copy of your filed accident report, if caused by a collision
  • A copy of the repair order indicating performed services, if due to vehicle failure of plan covered parts

You can send your documents to Ford Roadside at P.O. Box 141266, Irving, TX 75014-1266, and mail documents to Lincoln Roadside at 1000 AAA Drive, Mail Stop 99, Heathrow, FL 32746.

So, if you want peace mind with Roadside Assistance, Emergency Travel Expense and Destination Assistance coverage while traveling long distances, you will surely want full warranty protection of your vehicle with PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare or PowertrainCare, the comprehensive factory-backed extended service warranties from Ford|Lincoln Protect.


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