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Ford Protect Premium Maintenance EV Plans

Right here at Zeigler Auto Group, we provide Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Electric Plans to address various customer desires, including regular maintenance protection and prices. We invite you to take some time to learn more about our Ford Protect Premium Maintenance EV Plans, which are detailed in the brochure below for electric vehicles. Indeed, should you have any questions about any Ford ESP warranty or Ford Maintenance Plans costs, please call us today at 269.685.3557.

Drive On with Ford Protect Maintenance EV

Comprehensive Maintenance for Ford Electric Vehicles

Keep your vehicle running great for years to come with a Ford Protect Premium Maintenance EV Extended Service Plan. Covering scheduled maintenance required by the manufacturer, including select wear items, these plans help protect you against rising repair costs.

  • Multi-point inspections
  • Tire rotations
  • Wiper blades
  • Washer fluid top-offs
  • Cabin air filter replacement (every 20,000 miles)
  • Brake pads and linings
  • Shock absorbers/struts

100 % Backed by Ford Motor Company

The Premium Maintenance EV Plan offers many benefits:

  • Service provided by Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • All covered repairs are made with Ford-authorized parts by factory-trained and certified technicians.
  • Coverage is 100% transferrable and may increase the resale value of your vehicle (transfer fee applies).
  • First-Day Rental Option provides $60 a day for up to 2 days for covered repairs.
  • 0% APR interest-free Installment Payment Plan with flexible payment options is available when the extended service plan is not included in the vehicle financing. Everyone qualifies, making it the smart choice.

Plans for Every Driver

Enjoy Premium Maintenance EV Protection for Miles and Miles,

With this plan, you'll be able to protect your vehicle and budget with timely care and inspections that may.

  • Prevent serious and expensive repairs.
  • Help you maintain optimal performance.
  • Possibly increase your vehicle's resale value.

Ford Protect
Premium Maintenance EV

5 Stars
Electric Premium Maintenance Plan

Ford Protect Premium EV Maintenance Plan Options

(Ford and Competitive-Make Electric Vehicles)

Plan Length
or Miles Covered
(Coverage ends
at the earlier of
years or mileage)

Total Number
of Service Visits
(Based on
service every
10,0000 Miles)

2 Years

25,000 miles 2
30,000 miles 3

27 Months

25,000 miles 2
30,000 miles 3
39,000 miles4
45,000 miles4

3 Years

25,000 miles2
31,500 miles 3
36,000 miles 3
41,500 miles4
45,000 miles 4
60,000 miles 6

39 Months

25,000 miles 2
30,000 miles 3
39,000 miles4
45,000 miles4
60,000 miles 6

4 Years

36,000 miles3
48,000 miles 4
60,000 miles 6
75,000 miles 7

5 Years

36,000 miles 3
48,000 miles 4
60,000 miles 6
75,000 miles 7
85,000 miles 9
100,000 miles 10

6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Years

36,000 miles 3
48,000 miles 4
60,000 miles 6
75,000 miles 7
85,000 miles 9
100,000 miles 10
125,000 miles 13
150,000 miles 15
175,000 miles18

Drive On with Even Greater Peace of Mind

You Can Add Ford Protect Pickup and Delivery Option to Your Plan

  • Round-trip service drop-off or pickup and delivery
  • For loaner benefits, First-Day Rental Option must be included

This Ford Maintenance Plans brochure is intended to provide general information about Premium Maintenance EV Plans offered by Ford Protect. Prices and plan details may have changed after the brochure was printed. Plan availability, benefits, coverage and provider may vary by state. Please refer to your plan's service contract for the actual terms and conditions.

Do you want to learn more about these maintenance plans? Click Ford Protect Plans.