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Why pay full retail prices for true factory-backed Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESP) when you can get Ford PremiumCare coverage at reduced pricing from Zeigler Auto Group

The same is true for Lincoln Protect Plans! Interest-free financing options are also available for each Ford and Lincoln ESP Plan. Not only do we offer the lowest prices, but we will match prices for identical globally-branded New Lincoln and Ford Protect ESPs with the same mileage, time, key, lighting, or rental options.

What is Ford Protect?

Ford Protect is the worldwide brand "umbrella" for ESP warranties offered by Ford and Lincoln. Lincoln and Ford Protect factory-backed extended service plans from Zeigler Auto Group are the same as those available at Ford or Lincoln dealerships but at a much lower cost.

When you buy or lease a high-quality Ford or Lincoln vehicle, you would like your ownership experience to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible - and so do we! This is where Ford Protect plans -- PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare and PowertrainCare -- provide the peace of mind you deserve, and you have the option to cancel Ford Protect at any time, for any reason.

Buying A Ford Protect Plan or Lincoln Protect ESP Is Easy!

Zeigler Auto Group's Quick Quote Internet sales system makes it incredibly easy to buy a Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan, by offering essential Lincoln and Ford Protect ESPs at greatly discounted online pricing.

These are the same genuine Ford extended warranty plans -- PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare, PowertrainCare, and Premium Maintenance -- as your local dealer may have offered you at a much higher price. Lincoln and Ford Protect Extended Service Plans are accepted at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships nationwide, in Canada and Mexico.

For your peace of mind, there is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase if you are not fully satisfied with your Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP warranty. Not only can you obtain the lowest-priced Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP warranty quote online from Zeigler Auto Group, our warranty plan experts also provide you extensive Ford and Lincoln service Ford extended warranty information, including deductible options, rental vehicle alternatives, 24-hour roadside assistance and trip allowance benefits to help you choose the warranty that best suits your needs.

Obtain A Ford Protect or Lincoln Protect Plan Quick Quote Today!

Buying a Ford Protect or Lincoln Protect Extended Service Warranty has never been easier. How much does a Ford extended warranty cost? You can use the online Quick Quote Calculator system anytime day or night to look at extended service plan pricing and, if you desire, buy a Ford|Lincoln ESP warranty immediately.

You may also call our United States-based call center, Zeigler Auto Group at 269.685.3557, and one of our Ford Protect Extended Service representatives will be happy to help you learn more about Ford|Lincoln ESPs so you can make expensive vehicle repair costs a thing of the past.

Lincoln and Ford Protect Extended Warranty Advantages

The four different levels of Ford Protect ESP plans can provide the coverage you desire for component failures, mechanical breakdowns and rising repair costs of your Ford Motor Company vehicle. Other benefits like roadside assistance in an emergency, reimbursement for a rental car, your chosen deductible and financing options are all included. So, get your Quick Quote today!

With over fifteen different plans to choose from Zeigler's Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESPs) can provide comprehensive protection, scheduled maintenance, or just focus on those key powertrain components.

Driving your Ford vehicle doesn't have to be a stressful experience. A Protect ESP contract, Premium Maintenance Plan, will give you peace of mind and budget protection if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your car.

Millions of Ford and Lincoln owners across the country are finding that extended service warranties are worth the investment for saving money on genuine Ford or Lincoln parts and labor.

What is a Ford Extended Warranty?

A Ford extended warranty, also known as Ford Protect Extended Service Plan (ESP), is a contract that covers the cost of repairs and maintenance for a set period of time beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. It offers comprehensive coverage for component failures, mechanical breakdowns, and rising repair costs of your Ford vehicle.

Save Big on Ford Protect Extended Warranty Cost and Service

Save big on Ford Protect and Lincoln Protect extended warranties with us! Imagine never having to worry about unexpected vehicle repairs, roadside assistance, large repair bills and vehicle maintenance when unexpected repairs arise.

Plus, you can research and purchase coverage from the comfort of your own home and even save money by buying from the top-selling Ford service plan dealer on the Internet.

Years of Customer Satisfaction with Ford Extended Warranty and More

Our ESP specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise in Ford|Lincoln ESPs, providing you with straightforward advice and truthful answers. We're not pushy salespeople—we're committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

Many return to us for their second or third Ford extended warranty cost because of the excellent service we provide. We believe in treating our customers with the highest respect and care you want for your vehicle, leading to lifelong satisfaction.

You can easily browse our site to compare plans, get a quick price quote, and securely purchase a Ford extended warranty online from the comfort of your own home—no dealer trips or appointments necessary!

Have any more questions? Check out our FAQ page on all the questions buyers may have.

So, if you own a Ford or Lincoln vehicle and are interested in a Ford extended warranty, get Quick Quote from Zeigler Auto today for the best Ford extended service plan coverage at a discounted price!