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Ford|Lincoln Protect Limited Maintenance Plans

All Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan Maintenance Plans are designed to meet customers’ needs or expectations for regular oil and filter maintenance protection. The maintenance plans developed by Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan provide the flexibility to customize appropriate coverage based upon the frequency of service intervals and length of vehicle ownership.

Drive On with Confidence

Keeping your vehicle running great for years to come with one of the Ford Protect Limited Maintenance extended service plans is very convenient. Covering the most essential maintenance services on new and used Ford vehicles, these prepaid plans help protect you against rising maintenance costs.

Limited Maintenance Plan Coverage

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Change X
Multi-Point Inspections X
Tire Rotations X
Up to 6 Years X
$0 Deductible per Covered Repair X
Full Synthetic Oil Option
(Available on Most Vehicles

Limited Maintenance also includes Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) top-off at normal scheduled service intervals, but no other maintenance items are covered in the plans. Limited Maintenance service is available at all Ford and Lincoln dealer service locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Ford Protect
Limited Maintenance Plan

3 Stars
 Ford Limited Maintenance Plan

Lincoln Protect
Limited Maintenance Plans

3 Stars
 Lincoln Limited Maintenance Plans

Enjoy Protection for Miles and Miles

With these plans, you’ll be able to protect your vehicle and budget with timely care and inspections that may:

  • Prevent serious and expensive repairs
  • Help you maintain optimal performance
  • Possibly increase your vehicle’s resale value
Features and Benefits
  • Standard Deductible – $0
  • Limited Maintenance Availability – New and Used Ford and Lincoln (2004 model year and newer); 2016 and newer Ford Cab & Chassis/Cutaway (Incomplete) vehicles and Medium Duty F-650 and F-750 vehicles
  • Prior Approval – May be required
  • Cancellable – Yes (fees vary by state)
  • Transferable – No
  • Snowplow Eligibility – Yes
  • Contracts may be purchased anytime during vehicle ownership
  • Coverage begins at the signature date and current miles
Time/Mileage Bands
  • Coverage terms available from 1 to 6 years and 15,000 to 100,000 miles
  • Available for normal duty (7,500- or 10,000-mile interval) or more frequent maintenance (3,000- or 5,000-mile interval)

Drive On with First-Class Service

Ford and Lincoln Protect extended service plans are 100% backed by the by Ford Motor Company and The Lincoln Motor Company. That means you can have peace of mind knowing:

  • Ford and Lincoln authorized parts are used for covered repairs
  • All technicians are factory-trained and certified

Ford|Lincoln Limited Maintenance Plan Options

(All Makes and Models – Gas/Hybrid/Diesel)
(Hours Not Shown)

Plan Length
or Miles Covered
(Coverage ends at the
earlier of months or mileage)

Maintenance Frequency (Miles) /
Total Number of Service Visits

3,000 miles** 5,000 miles 7,500 miles 10,000 miles

24 Month Plan

24,000 Miles 8 5 3 3
30,000 Miles 10 6 4 3

27-Month Plan

30,000 Miles 10 6 4 3
36,000 Miles 12 9 6 4

36-Month Plan

36,000 Miles 12 8 5 4
45,000 miles 15 9 6 4

39-Month Plan

36,000 Miles 12 8 5 4
45,000 miles 15 9 6 4

48-Month Plan

60,000 miles 20 12 8 6

60-Month Plan

75,000 miles 25 15 10 7

72-Month Plan

100,000 miles 33 20 13 10

**Gas/Hybrid Maintenance only.

Note: Severe duty is not applicable to these plans because these plans cover only engine oil and filter change, tire rotation and multi-point inspection for Limited Maintenance).

This brochure is intended to provide general information about Limited Maintenance extended service plans offered by Ford|Lincoln Protect. It was printed for the plan year. Prices and plan details may have changed after the brochure was printed. Plan availability, benefits, coverage and provider may vary by state. Please refer to your plan’s service contract for the actual terms and conditions.

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