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Secure Payment Options for Ford|Lincoln Protect Plans

Credit Cards OR Payment Plan

When you click the Buy Now option for your Ford|Lincoln Protect Quick Quote, you will be directed to the purchase screen, where you will need to have your credit card information available.

You can pay the total amount of your online purchase for the contract with your credit card -- Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, or PayPal with no additional charge. You also may use Mailed Check to complete the online information and mail your personal check to Zeigler Auto Group afterward.

For customers who would like to finance their Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan (ESP), there are 6-month and 12-month financing options available. After making the down payment with us using your credit card or PayPal, you will receive a monthly invoice within a month of purchasing your Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan.

If you finance your purchase of a Ford|Lincoln Protect ESP, you can make your monthly payments in several ways. Ford’s finance company Budco will mail the first invoice to you within 3-4 weeks of your purchase of an ESP. After that, you can arrange to receive your invoice via email or regular mail.

When your first invoice arrives, you can arrange to pay Budco using VISA, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. You can also arrange for automatic payments to Budco from your checking or savings accounts with your bank or credit union. The option of mailing check payments to Budco is available, too.

You may also call the Ford Payment Department at 888.352.7901 to set up your preferred method of payment

A minimum 10% down payment is due at signing if you choose the payment plan for which you use the credit card of your choice. You may also choose to make down payments of 20%, 30%, 40% or 50%.