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Ford CSP for Older Ford and Lincoln Models

What is a Ford Continued Service Plan (CSP)?

The Ford Continued Service Plan program was developed to help owners of older Ford and Lincoln models protect themselves against future unexpected repair costs with service through Ford dealer facilities. Ford/Lincoln owners are offered Ford CSP extended service warranties through a direct mail program by Affinity Brokerage, LLC and QBE Americas, Inc. with the permission of the Ford Motor Company. Vehicles over 11 years old and/or with more than 175,000 miles would be good candidates for Ford CSP warranties.

Ford CSP can only be sold through this direct mail marketing program by Affinity Brokerage, LLC, not through franchised Ford and Lincoln dealers. The mailers are sent to current policyholders of Ford ESP contracts who are nearing the end of their Ford ESP coverage, and Lincoln owners had no ESP coverage, but are near the end of their factory powertrain warranty.

Differences between Ford ESP and Ford CSP

Ford CSP plans are offered at two levels:
Ultimate Protection Plan, which is stated to be similar to FORD ESP ExtraCare.
Standard Protection Plan, which is similar to Ford ESP PowertrainCare
Exclusionary coverage, which compares to Ford ESP PremiumCare, however, is not available as a Ford CSP.

Other differences include higher deductibles of up to $500 per repair visit for some Ford CSP plans. Also, the total loss repair limits for a Ford CSP coverage occur when the accumulation of all paid claims exceeds the retail value of the covered vehicle. This compares to the loss limit of the Ford ESP of up to the NADA Retail Value of the vehicle for each eligible repair visit. Ford CSP Plans also do not include Roadside Assistance benefits as Ford ESP Plans do.

As one can imagine, the Ford Continued Service Plans reviews are mixed.

Claims for Ford CSP are handled through QBE Americas, Inc., unlike genuine Ford ESP contracts through the Ford Protect Administration. Before initiating a service repair, the contract terms and conditions require the Ford CSP policyholder to call a toll-free number to obtain repair authorization.

Check on Ford Protect ESP before Buying a CSP

Your Ford or Lincoln vehicle may still qualify for a factory-backed Ford Protect Extended Service Plan (ESP) when you get a CSP mailer. That is why Zeigler Auto Group Factory Plans customers are notified with a postcard when their current Ford Protect service warranty is expiring. And, with discount pricing from Zeigler Auto Group at 269.685.3557, you may be able to get a genuine Ford Protect ESP contract for much less than you will pay for a similar CSP plan. To obtain a Ford Protect ESP quote, click Ford PROTECT Extended Service Plan Quick Quote Calculator. Vehicles over 11 years old and/or with more than 140,000 miles, however, are not eligible for Ford ESP warranty coverage, but could qualify for Ford CSP warranties.

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