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Ford ESP Now Under PROTECT Brand Name

Ford PROTECT Enhances Factory-Backed ESP Warranties Worldwide

Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP) are now marketed under the Ford PROTECT worldwide brand name. The best-in-the-industry warranties continue as the world-class service warranties with the product names, coverage and claims process all enhanced to deliver improved customer value and increased customer satisfaction.

Ford PROTECT Plans

For New Plans:

Coverage begins with the original in-service date (New Vehicle Limited Warranty start date) and zero miles. Your selected coverage expires upon reaching the earliest of time, mileage or actual hours.

For Used Plans:

Vehicles within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Eligible Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles that have New Vehicle Limited Warranty remaining at the time of purchase – coverage begins at the signature date and current mileage. Coverage ends at the earlier of the number of months purchased or the number of miles purchased from the expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Vehicles outside the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Coverage for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty begins at the signature date and current mileage. Your selected coverage expires upon reaching the earliest of time, mileage or actual hours.

For plan details click PremiumCare or ExtraCare or BaseCare.

Ford PROTECT Aligns ESP Coverage with Go Further and One Ford Plan

This brand evolution better aligns Ford’s collective businesses under the Go Further and One Ford Plan. As part of Ford´s global brand, Ford PROTECT is a program that has been performing in other countries for more than 15 years. For over 40 years, Ford has made extended warranties available to Ford owners under their Ford ESP brand. Ford ESP is a name well-recognized by owners of Ford vehicles. It has been the only manufacturer-backed coverage offered from the Ford Motor Company.

Ford PROTECT Offers Complete Package of Warranty Protection

The creation of the Ford PROTECT brand better clarifies to consumers the numerous product offerings Ford has brought under one umbrella, so to say, that will help consumers care for and PROTECT their Ford vehicle investment. Ford now offers the consumer a complete package of protection through the Ford PROTECT brand that includes plan coverage for mechanical repairs, scheduled maintenance, tire-wheel-dent-windshield care, and SurfaceCare.

The enhancements of the vehicle protection products that Ford Motor Company has become known for are available from Zeigler Auto Group at highly discounted prices. A quote at the best low price is available for Ford PROTECT PremiumCare, ExtraCare Plus, or BaseCare from our Quick Quote system.

Ford PROTECT Quick Quote Process

Our Quick Quote system is available anytime day or night for obtaining warranty prices for your vehicle across a variety of Ford ESP plans. If you desire, you can even buy a Ford extended warranty immediately by clicking the blue Buy button. To obtain a quote, click Ford PROTECT Extended Service Plan Quick Quote Calculator.

Learn more about our full range of Ford Protect Extended Warranty plans today.

You may also call Zeigler Auto Group at 269.685.3557 and one of our Ford PROTECT Plans representatives will be happy to help you.


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