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Most Memorable Fords in the Movies

Sometimes the movie make the car; other times the car makes the movie! This article looks at movies that star memorable Fords.

Think about some of the all time greatest films that had the coolest cars—vehicles you wanted to own and drive after you left the theater. Maybe it was the car owned by an iconic character that has become a vital part of cinema history. You probably won't be too surprised to know that some of those great movies featured Ford vehicles in roles that made them classics among car enthusiasts and cinema goers alike.

Mad Max, (Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor)

As far as screen personas go, it doesn't get much cooler than "Mad" Max Rockatansky, a man made up of equal parts aggression and retribution with the car to match. The "Pursuit Special" was a Ford Falcon XB that was manufactured from 1973 to 1976 and equipped with a V8 engine and a supercharger to help Max escape the roving marauders across the barren desert landscape in both the first film and its sequel The Road Warrior.

Bullitt, (1968 Ford Mustang GT)

When it comes to classic films with some of the best car chase sequences ever filmed, any conversation is either going to start with Bullitt or get to it soon. The Steve McQueen/Peter Yates collaboration was a tough sell to its star for Warner Brothers at first, but McQueen eventually came around—even doing his own stunts. The Ford Mustang GT is featured prominently throughout the movie, including the infamous car chase through San Francisco played by two fastback models with GT packages and 390 engines under the hood.

Gone in 60 Seconds, (Ford Shelby GT500)

Better known as "Eleanor" in the 2000 remake starring Nicolas Cage, the Ford Shelby GT500 replaces the 1971 Ford Mustang Sportsroof version of Eleanor in the original 1974 version directed by H.B. Halicki. The Shelby used in the film was actually a Dupont Peper Grey 1967 Mustang Fastback that contained a nitrous oxide system. Carroll Shelby had tried to market a consumer version of the vehicle in the film, but Denise Halicki, widow of the first film's director, sued to prevent him from doing so and won.

Thelma and Louise, (1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible)

Ridley Scott's road movie starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis has a memorable final shot that features their 1966 Ford Thunderbird quite prominently. The '66 was the last year the car was manufactured, ending a 10-year period where the T-Bird would become sought after by collectors who wanted the various new and limited edition models the company was churning out. As sales waned, though, so did Ford's enthusiasm for the luxury vehicle and the line was discontinued.

The Fast and the Furious, (1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning)

Although it's featured more prominently as a mode of transportation for Paul Walker's character Brian and not a race vehicle, the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning does figure into the main thrust of the story. Brian is first arrested driving the pickup from his job at the Racer's Edge, providing a credible cover to bring him to the FBI office of the LAPD.

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