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Ford|Lincoln and Zeigler Auto Group Contact Information

Factory Plans,
member of Zeigler Auto Group

1260 M-89 West
Plainwell, MI 49080

Phone: 269.685.3557
Fax: (269) 585-6004

FordPass Rewards Center: 833.385.0516

Ford|Lincoln Hotlines

Ford|Lincoln Protect Customer Hotline: 800.392.3673

Ford (Budco) Payment Plan: 888.352.7901

Roadside Assistance and Key Services:
Ford 800.241.3673
Lincoln 800.521.4140

Prior Approval for ESP Claims: 800.321.7790
(Provides prior approval to service shops for repairs and information on covered parts and rejects claims for Ford, Mercury or Lincoln vehicles and competitive make vehicles registered for ESPs.)

Feel free to use the Quick Quote system or call 269.685.3557 and one of our Zeigler Auto Group representatives for Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans will be happy to help you.

To purchase a Used Ford|Lincoln ESP you must either have your vehicle covered by a current Ford|Lincoln Protect Plan or provide us with a Used Vehicle Inspection Form completed by a Ford or Lincoln dealer. A copy of the Used Vehicle Inspection Form can be obtained from our Document Library. The completed Used Vehicle Inspection can emailed to info@zeiglerfordesp.com or fax to 269.585.6004.

For questions about your payment plan, please call Ford at 888.352.7901. You may direct any service claim or other plan coverage questions about your current Ford, Lincoln or Mercury warranty contracts to 800.392.3673, the Ford customer hotline.

Roadside Assistance for Ford and Mercury warranty contract owners are required to call 800.241.3673 for covered auto repair and towing emergencies. Lincoln warranty contract owners need to call 800.521.4140 for authorized Roadside Assistance auto repair and towing emergencies.

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