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Which Antifreeze to Use in Your Car

When it comes to your vehicle's fluids, antifreeze is critical. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as antifreeze is just as important in the peak of summer as it is in the dead of winter. Because antifreeze literally runs right to the heart of your engine, making sure you have the right antifreeze is paramount. In recent years, antifreeze has become less one-size-fits-all and more pinpointed to particular vehicles.

Why Do You Need Antifreeze?

In short, antifreeze combines with water to change the property of water in a way that prevents it from freezing in cold temperatures. In addition, it changes water's boiling point (212°F) to prevent your engine from overheating in high temps or difficult driving condition. Further, it can even reduce the amount of corrosion in your engine.

Choosing the Right Antifreeze?

With so many different antifreeze choices on the shelf today, it's important to realize that there isn't a single antifreeze that works for all makes and models. So don't just grab the first one you see.

Before you head out to pick up some antifreeze, you should refer to your manufacturer's recommendation. This ensures you get just what you need and also prevents any potential issues with a vehicle warranty, should engine damage occur because of improper maintenance. Many auto parts stores will have a look-up tool, either in store or on their website, to assist you in finding the right antifreeze for your vehicle.

An Antifreeze Rule of Thumb

In general, vehicles manufactured post-1998 require an antifreeze that incorporates silicate-free, organic acid technology (OAT). These antifreezes provide improved protection against corrosion, which can reduce the frequency of parts replacement.

Vehicles manufactured pre-1998 normally require an antifreeze that is not OAT-based and does contain silicate.

In Conclusion

Standard maintenance is a great way to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. Using the right antifreeze in your engine is a simple way to do just that. When in doubt about the antifreeze you need, consult your manufacturer's recommendation for your particular make and model.

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